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  • Automotive

    With 22 plus years of experience we can help with lost or broken car keys ,faulty locks ,ignitions transponder key problems and much more.

    Vehicle security is constantly improving ,cars are much more secure than they were 15 years ago.

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  • Home

    Whether it’s a simple lockout re-keying job or a new install capital locksmiths has extensive experience for tackling any security issues you may have.
    Happy to work with you to obtain the most effective and cost efficient solution for your home.

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  • Business

    Capital locksmiths can offer advice on Hardware, Security Systems that would best suit your needs .

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A lot of vehicles after 2005 have to be programmed this way.

Sadly a lot of people are finding out the hard way that a little research first can save you a lot of money ,find out how much it is to make keys for your vehicle before you lose your only key.

In most instances it is much easier to clone off your existing key,every vehicle is different that’s why research is so important.

Give us a call with the make,model and year of manufacture and we will find out what you need to know.